Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Paleo Diet

Paleolithic nutrition is based on the premise that modern humans are genetically adapted to the diet of their Paleolithic ancestors and that human genetics have scarcely changed since the dawn of agriculture, and therefore that an ideal diet for human health and well-being is one that resembles this ancestral diet.

So my husband and I embarked on the Paleo diet after running into some Cross Fitters at church. If you are unfamiliar with Cross Fit- it is a sort of workout routine that has evolved into a new sport. Sprinting, weight lifting, all done for time. Cross Fit is an excellent workout but the gyms are very expensive. Fortunately many gyms offer WOD (workout of the day) on their websites daily and you can do the best you can at home. The Paleo diet corresponds directly with Cross Fit. The most fit people I have ever met in my life have been Cross Fitters. So, why not give this Paleo diet a try?

It is remarkably simple. No grains, no dairy. You want to stay away from processed unnatural foods. Grass fed meat, veggies, sweet potato instead of white potato, along those lines. I've lost 5 lbs in the past 2 weeks with very minimal effort. We actually threw in 3 cheat days (unplanned) and still lost weight. Feeling good, looking good. I think I might start posting recipes to help me remember my favorites and to help out anyone else who might be interested in also going Paleo. It definitely is a lifestyle, but if you take your time, particularly at the grocery store, then it is worth it!!

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