Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson

I didn't know what to expect when I received this book. I was perhaps expecting a compilation of various miracle stories, but this book exceeded my expectations. There were many stories of everyday miracles, which kept the read interesting and light, but there was also a lot more. The author honestly makes you realize that you might be missing out on everyday miracles, if you are not actively looking for them. Small coincidences might be miracles, depending upon the faith of the beholder. How many times has one said "well, that's a coincidence". Maybe its not. This book makes you realize that in our skeptical culture, as Christians, we should expect miracles from God. When we are reborn, we are reborn into a new existence. The same world surrounds us, but our viewpoints drastically change, or at least they should. So, next time something amazing happens that seems too amazing to be a coincidence, maybe it's not!

This book was provided to me by Multnomah Publishers at no charge in exchange for my review. This review is completely my own opinion and I was not influenced in anyway by either the author or publisher.

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