Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Shoppers

As Christmas approaches I notice more and more shoppers hurrying along their merry way attempting to max out their credit cards in last ditch attempts to satisfy their un-satisfy-able partner or children. So, the question begs to be asked- why spend Christmas in such a miserable fashion. I, personally, hate being in crowds of people. It makes me feel claustrophobic, rushed, uncomfortable, you name it- I try to my shopping late at night where I can take my time looking around at whatever I am potentially buying- and even many score some attention from a salesperson. As many pastors gear their messages around the "reason for the season" it is easy to get swept away in the unapologetic consumerism that envelops all of us this season. Why do we allow companies to get into our brains and tell us what we should want? Particularly children. It is disturbing the way that marketing agencies work to target their products to children. This is why I have a love-hate relationship with TV. I love watching TV, unfortunately, something I consider a flaw in my life that I have yet to correct, and yet I hate TV and all the hidden messages and innuendoes. I have Netflix and I regularly stream TV shows to avoid the commercials. Commercials are truly obnoxious and not only that- they have hidden messages that attempt to sway you into their group-think mentality. No thank you. In the new year I hope to spend less time watching TV and more time reading. I recently signed up for Booksneeze.com and I will blog about them later, when I receive my first free book. :) Happy Holidays, residents of internetland, remember the REASON for the season, and guess what- it ain't shopping...

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