Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prayers to Japan

With everything that is currently happening in Japan, one can only send prayers to those most affected. There is a natural instinct to want to lend a hand- many wish they could fly over to Japan and dive into help find those lost and help by bringing in food and other supplies that are so desperately needed. There is also a feeling of national pride- seeing our military responding so quickly to help out those in need by dropping supplies and helping out in countless other ways. There is a feeling of selfish fortune as well, on the West Coast, that we were not the ones so devastated by an earthquake of that magnitude. The tsunami fear was prevalent in many areas, even though the sea only rose 3 feet or so along the central coast.

As many Americans watch their televisions, fixated on the situation occurring across the ocean, one cannot help but wonder how much worse it will get. The best support that can be offered at this time is to pray for those affected.

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